How to Hear Better in Noisy Places

  • Do you sometimes have trouble following conversations in noisy places?
  • Does it seem that restaurants play background music louder than they used to?
  • Do you struggle to hear the speaker at the end of the dining or conference room table?

These situations are typically symptoms of mild-to-moderate hearing loss. While hearing aids may be the best solution for those who have a really hard time hearing in almost every situation, they may not be right for you.

Can Technology Help?

BeHear NOW diagram showing position of all components.
Advanced technology based on input from four separate microphones cancels out distracting noise while amplifying important sounds.

For those who have mild-to-moderate hearing loss the Wear & Hear line of personal hearing devices provide a completely personalized hearing experience. Important ambient sounds, peoples’ voices, and sounds from all audio sources are amplified, enhanced and adapted to suit individual hearing preferences.

Advanced technology based on input from four separate microphones integrated into a neck loop style Bluetooth headset cancels out distracting noise while amplifying important sounds. The result: improved intelligibility of speech, even in noisy places.

Companion App Provides Additional Functionality

W&H BeHear app, Hearing Assessment screen, Advanced mode
The W&H BeHear app includes a self-administered hearing assessment whose results are automatically applied to the BeHear headset to become your new hearing baseline.

A free app, available for iPhone and Android, allows you to personalize the headset using an integrated hearing assessment. The results of the assessment are automatically applied to the headset and used as a baseline for all your hearing through the headset: live conversations, audio play (including television), mobile phone calls, and important ambient sounds like live music and sounds in nature.

Personal hearing screen with best sound point grid and noise reduction levels.
Personal hearing can be customized in real time with this screen in the W&H BeHear app.

In noisy settings, use the app to set the level of background noise reduction. Also, customize what you hear in real time by selecting the Best Sound Point. Simply tap on different squares in the app’s grid until you achieve the best combination of frequency and amplitude for your current situation.

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