Instructional & Promotional Videos About Hearing

All of our videos are prepared with captions. You simply need to ensure that captions are “enabled” on your viewing device. The videos on our Web site are shortcuts from YouTube, so whether or not the captions appear are determined by your YouTube preferences. Learn more here…

05 Using the Wear and Hear Smartphone App
Your BeHear NOW headset can control many functions on its own. However, using the W&H BeHear app will provide more options with a [...]
06 Performing the Hearing Assessment to Personalize Your Headset
BeHear ACCESS lets you customize its hearing enhancement properties according to a built-in hearing assessment. After you perform the assessment, [...]
07 Operating BeHear ACCESS in Personal Hearing Mode
BeHear ACCESS operates straight out-of-the-box as a Personal Hearing Amplifier, with no Bluetooth connection needed. Ambient sounds are amplified [...]
08 Customizing the BeHear ACCESS Headset in Real Time
In addition to being able to personalize the BeHear ACCESS hearing headset to suit your own hearing capabilities, the device can be further [...]
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