My headset is behaving erratically.

If your BeHear NOW behaves unexpectedly there are three ways to reset it: you can restart it, remove the Bluetooth connection data, and/or restore the original factory configuration.

  1. To restart BeHear in a simple reset, connect it to the charger. All configuration and connection data will be preserved.
  2. To restart BeHear and remove the Bluetooth connection data only:
    1. Power on the BeHear NOW headset.
    2. Press and hold the Power button + the middle and bottom buttons on the right control box simultaneously for approximately 8 seconds, until a purple L.E.D. blinks once.
    3. Power off the headset and then power it on again.
  3. To restart the BeHear NOW headset and restore the original factory configuration:
    1. Power on the BeHear NOW headset.
    2. Press and hold the Power button + the middle and top buttons on the right control box simultaneously for approximately 8 seconds, until a yellow L.E.D. blinks once.
    3. Connect the headset to the charger.
    4. Disconnect the headset from the charger and then power the headset on.

Use this link to see the video instructions, or this link to read the manual.


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