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More Than Just A Hearing Amplifier

Barry Mishkind is a veteran broadcaster and editor at The Broadcasters’ Desktop Resource. He has also suffered from tinnitus for more than 50 years. In his detailed review of BeHear ACCESS, recently published online, Barry listed his five criteria for..... Read more >

BeHear ACCESS II with tinnitus masking is an excellent hearing enhancement device

Michael Hayes, a long-time BeHear NOW user, learned that the new BeHear ACCESS model includes a feature designed to reduce the effects of tinnitus. He wrote us: I have suffered from moderate hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus in my left..... Read more >

I listen in appreciation of the full sound which I have been missing for so long.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know just how much I am enjoying listening to my music collection with BeHear ACCESS. One of my grandsons encouraged me to sign up with Apple Music ($10/month) about a month ago...... Read more >

Compared to $4,000 for other hearing aids, this is a steal!

For an old dude like me who just wants to listen to the B-52s, talk on the phone, and hear the cat meowing to be let inside the house, the BeHear ACCESS is a pretty good fit. Kevin Knauss, health..... Read more >

I can now hear what is being said!

I believe in the product so much that I emailed all of my friends and recommended the product highly to them. Robert W. from North Carolina For quite a while I had a problem with my hearing that caused me..... Read more >

Is BeHear the perfect hearing solution?

Yes, the BeHear is a wonderful product. You won’t go wrong with it. Is it the perfect solution? No, but I’ve yet to find one and I’ve got friends that have the $5000-6000 hearing aids and I’m not sure that..... Read more >

Promoting Hearing Health in China with BeHear Hearing Self-Check Kiosks

You may know that our products are designed in Israel, and then manufactured in China. But did you know that BeHear products are sold in China in a wide variety of sectors? Here are a few examples of how BeHear..... Read more >

Hearables, innovative hearing solutions, create an opportunity for holistic audiology

The hearing healthcare market is rapidly changing, expanding to include a new category of hearing solutions called hearables – devices that offer different types of hybrids between hearing aids and consumer electronic headsets or ear buds. The delay in OTC..... Read more >

Why use a neck speaker with hearing aids?

Use BeHear PROXY neck speaker with hearing aids, slow down the speech in real time or run the hearing test with the W&H app. The Facebook community HoH DEAF NOT STUPID posts and discusses resources and organizations that are of..... Read more >

Hear better with BeHear EasyListen™ technology that slows down speech in real time

“Leave your name and number at the tone. S l o w l y.” Susan’s father is in his 80s. His mind is sharp. He has no problem using his mobile for phone and even video calls. Unlike the younger..... Read more >

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