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September 2021 Newsletter

BeHear Back to the Routine In this September newsletter we formally introduced our newest product:  BeHear SMARTO, a simple to operate body-worn personal sound amplifier. As a BeHear follower we invite you to preorder SMARTO at a big discount. ALSO..... Read more >

August 2021 Newsletter

BeHear Latest Summer News ♦ OTC policy as opportunity for audiologists ♦ Photographer/Paramedic reviews BeHear ♦ Promoting hearing health in China ♦ To get these newsletters sent directly to your inbox, register here. ♦ Read the complete August 2021 newsletter here. Read more >

July 2021 Newsletter

BeHear technology advancements Articles in this issue include: ♦ NEW RELEASE: BeHear.ACCESS just got new hyper-advanced features normally only found in the most sophisticated hearing aids.  ♦ “I never imagined I would love BeHear PROXY more than my Dyson!”- BeHear.PROXY..... Read more >

The BeHear.ACCESS hearing amplification headset gains hyper-advanced hearing aid functionality

Alango Technologies, a leading independent supplier of DSP voice and audio enhancement software technologies for the communication industry, announced the release of a new, advanced version of its BeHear.ACCESS hearing amplification headset. ACCESS is a hearable that provides personalized hearing..... Read more >

May 2021 Newsletter

May we help you? Articles in this issue include: ♦ “Building Connections”: the theme for Better Hearing & Speech Month 2021 (ASHA – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) ♦ Tech expert Dave Taylor of AskDaveTaylor​ reviews BeHear PROXY ♦ BeHear Chief Audiologist..... Read more >

HEAR THIS! One company is leading the way in improving audio access for the hearing impaired

[Originally published in – Spring 2021] You really want to hear that YouTube content – the life hack that’s going to change everything. But it was recorded badly, the publisher hasn’t mixed it well, and you just can’t hear..... Read more >

April 2021 Newsletter

Hear what you see with BeHear ♦ Shattering disability stigma for World Hearing Day with Israeli BeHear technology enabling self-administered hearing screening ♦ BeHear ACCESS is part of the hottest new technology trend called hearables ♦ How can you avoid..... Read more >

Shattering disability stigma for World Hearing Day with Israeli BeHear technology enabling self-administered hearing screening

World Hearing Day marked in Israel with a special initiative by A.R.M. Medical Center, BeKol and BeHear designed to shatter disability stigma while promoting hearing health awareness and accessibility. Read more >

March 2021 Newsletter

3 Things for You ♦ NEW PRODUCT offers surround sound on your shoulders! ♦ Hearing is believing – customer becomes advocate ♦ How to keep your ears young and your mind sharp ♦ To get these newsletters sent directly to..... Read more >

PROXY Listening Experience Helps Battle Zoom Fatigue

Alango releases BeHear PROXY, a customizable Bluetooth neck speaker and hearing amplifier that provides a comfortable, rich stereo sound experience for TV watching, mobile calls, audio/video streaming, gaming, and live conversations Read more >

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CES 2022

January 5-8, 2022

CES, the world's most influential technology event, will return to Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2022. The global stage for innovation, CES convenes the tech industry, giving a global audience access to major brands and startups, as well as the…

Future Health Innovations

March 15-16, 2022

Future Health is an international world class exhibition and conference, organized in association with UKIHMA (the United Kingdom International Healthcare Management Association). Alango - BeHear is pleased to participate in this in-person showcase of innovative healthcare products and solutions that…

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