Wear & Hear Best Sound Point (BSP) Grid

What is the Best Sound Point?

The Best Sound Point (“BSP”) is advanced sound technology developed by Alango for the W&H BeHear app. It allows you to fine-tune the ambient sounds you hear in your BeHear product. Unlike hearing aid settings, which can be modified only by an audiologist or other hearing specialist, with Wear & Hear’s BSP technology you can easily change the BeHear settings in real time, by yourself. Changes can be saved to a specific hearing preset (e.g., Indoor, Outdoor, Crowd, etc.), or discarded. In the latter case, the settings will be reset to the preset default.

Basic Principles

Personal hearing can be customized in real time with this screen.
Personal hearing can be customized in real time with this screen.

Each square in the grid defines a specific sound level, which is a unique combination of frequency (left-to-right is low-to-high) and amplitude (bottom-to-top is low-to-high). If you want to emphasize high frequencies click on one of the squares on the right-hand side of the grid. If you want to emphasize the low frequencies click on one of the squares on the left-hand side of the grid.

Note that the BSP changes from one hearing situation to another, so it’s best to experiment with it in real time by trying a few different squares. After you tap a square you will see a curved line that will illustrate how the square you chose affects the amplitude of each frequency.

This simple app (available for Android and iOS) lets you optimize your hearing for the current sound environment.

Finding the BSP (Best Sound Point)

Personal hearing can be customized in real time with this screen.
Personal hearing can be customized in real time with this screen.

To find the most comfortable listening level for the current “personal hearing” environment (i.e., no music is being streamed, and you are not on a mobile call):

  • From the Home menu, tap the equalizer icon Self-tuning icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Touch a square in any region until a vibration is felt and the white frame with the dot moves to the new square.
  • Wait for 1-2 seconds until the change is applied.
  • Repeat this with other squares to find the position where the hearing is most pleasant.

For more detailed instructions, watch this video.

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