Product Description

With the Wear & Hear Express Hearing Check kiosk, visitors can check their hearing in a matter of minutes, using our field-proven Alango BeHear technology, and get their results on the spot! Then, they can compare what they currently hear with what they could be hearing, with personalized amplification applied. This kiosk is so innovative it just won a gold medal in the “Hearing Technology Innovator” awards.

The kiosk itself is very compact, taking up only 26×37 cm (10×15 inches) of counter space. It can also be supplied with a built-in display rack. The unique design and lighting of the kiosk are sure to attract visitors, and the promise of a quick test and immediate results is also appealing. A single, standard cable provides all required electricity to the tablet, headset, and light fixtures. The touch-activated tablet is user-friendly, with large, concise texts and helpful animations. An integrated circuit board housing the proprietary Wear & Hear BeHear technology generates the hearing test. Then, it translates the results into a unique amplification profile that is personalized for the visitor.

How Does it Work?

Express hearing check sample screen
Inviting animations greet the visitor at the express hearing check kiosk.

Visitors are instructed to place the provided headphones over their ears. Then, they are guided through a simple hearing check; six tones of different frequencies are played for each ear and the visitor needs to indicate the lowest audible level for each.

Upon completion of the assessment, a graphic depiction of the visitor’s hearing profile is displayed, with a brief explanation of the hearing abilities of each ear. Next, visitors are invited to listen to a pre-recorded audio file, choosing between two options: hearing it in its original state, or with the BeHear technology (and test results) applied to customize the sound for their hearing loss.

What Makes the Express Hearing Check Kiosk So Innovative?

We developed this hearing assessment kiosk to help address the worldwide problem of untreated hearing loss. We know that, typically, hearing declines gradually. Most people are not aware of their hearing loss, nor of what they are missing. We believe that a quick, self-managed hearing test can greatly reduce the amount of time people live with untreated hearing loss (and its side effects: isolation, depression, cognitive decline, and even dementia).

express hearing check test results screen
Visitors to the kiosk can get their results, with a brief explanation, on the spot!

With the kiosk, visitors can check their hearing in a matter of minutes, using our field-proven Alango BeHear technology, and get their results on the spot! Then, they can compare what they currently hear with what they could be hearing. By deciding when to activate and de-activate the BeHear technology, visitors have full control over the demo. They can compare the two experiences at their own pace to understand independently how the BeHear technology can enhance their hearing.

Visitors can check their hearing in minutes and compare their current capabilities with what they could be experiencing, using Wear & Hear technology for personalized hearing enhancement.

express hearing check kiosk with HTI award
Spark interest and engage customers with the Wear & Hear Express Hearing Check. It needs only electricity and a WiFi connection to operate.

This kiosk can be installed in public places, pharmacies, optical shops, ENT doctors’ waiting rooms, and elsewhere. Depending on the location, visitors can get a referral for an appointment, view information about assistive hearing products, or simply request to have their results sent to them via e-mail. When used in ENT offices and hearing clinics, the kiosk can serve to relieve the bottleneck of performing hearing tests, since it requires no trained personnel for its operation.

Currently, the kiosk is available in seven languages (English, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Dutch). More languages can be added, and the interface content updated, according to the requirements of the facility in which it is located.

If you would like more information about installing the Express Hearing Check in your location, contact us here.

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