Instructional & Promotional Videos About Hearing

All of our videos are prepared with captions. You simply need to ensure that captions are “enabled” on your viewing device. The videos on our Web site are shortcuts from YouTube, so whether or not the captions appear are determined by your YouTube preferences. Learn more here…

09 Handling Phone Calls with BeHear ACCESS
BeHear ACCESS Is great for handling phone calls. The headset has controls which allow you to answer, reject, hang up or redial without touching [...]
10 Slowing Down Speech with EasyListen
Sometimes, when talking to someone on the phone, it’s hard to make out what they’re saying. Either they’re talking too fast, or maybe they have a [...]
11 How to Stay Safe & Alert While Listening to Music with ListenThrough
If you want to listen to music, or any other type of audio, and you still want to be aware of your surroundings, you can use ListenThrough, a [...]
12 Checking the Battery Level
Checking the battery level in the BeHear ACCESS headset is very simple. There are two options: using the headset, or using the app. This video [...]
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