BeHear NOW: How to...

At Alango Technologies, Ltd. we decided to use our expertise in sound enhancement technologies to create an alternative to hearing aids known as assistive hearing products: the Wear & Hear product line. Watch our "how to..." videos to learn more about the unique capabilities resulting from the marriage of consumer electronics and hearing enhancement in our Wear & Hear product line.

Unboxing the BeHear NOW Assistive Hearing Headset
This video provides an overview of the contents of the BeHear NOW assistive hearing headset, including the literature, charging cable and spare parts.
Getting Started with the BeHear Assistive Hearing Headset
Although the BeHear headset can control many functions on its own, using the W&H BeHear app will provide more options with a user-friendly [...]
Charging the BeHear NOW Headset
The BeHear NOW assistive hearing headset is rechargeable. This video will show you two ways to recharge it, using a micro USB cable.
Checking the Battery Level in the BeHear NOW Headset
There are two ways to check the battery level in the BeHear NOW headset. This video will demonstrate them both.
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