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Which BeHear Hearing Amplifier is Right for You?

All BeHear headsets use Alango’s advanced sound enhancement technologies to clarify speech, reduce noise, and cancel echo. They are designed to help people with mild-to-moderately-severe hearing loss hear better in live conversations, mobile/video calls, while watching TV, and more. A great alternative to a hearing aid!

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[The] device is easy to operate and enjoyable to use. Plus there were considerable savings in the investment.

Brian Graham

Satisfied Customer

“The BeHears are indispensable for me. One advantage for me while driving is that, coupled with a smartphone, I can listen to music while still hearing outside sounds — AND — I can also hear the Google Maps navigation voice. It comes through loud and clear.”

Les Borean

Satisfied Customer
Bernie Slepkov satisfied BeHear NOW customer

“They are so much clearer than my hearing aids, more so for the caller, even when buried under clothing. Plus the overall sound quality when streaming music or podcasts is richer than my hearing aids.”

Bernie Slepkov

Satisfied Customer
Jan Wagner, Editor - AutoMatters & More

“I was able to hear my T.V. while it was playing at a low volume level, suitable for my neighbors’ peace and quiet…”

Jan Wagner

Editor - AutoMatters & More

Greg K. Hoggatt

Former Air Force Pilot; current Commercial Int'l Captain

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We use top-tier technology to bring innovative products to you. Our efforts have been recognized by many respected organizations.

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Where to Buy W&H Products

The BeHear headsets are available for purchase from our on-line store (along with the HearLink and HearLink PLUS assistive listening transmitters). For bulk purchase pricing, contact us here.

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